If you are looking to create voiceovers for social media content, demo videos, e-learning courses, audiobooks, podcasts, presentations, and much more, AI voice generators can assist you in creating voiceovers that sound like humans in multiple languages in a fraction of the time and cost. With ongoing technological advancements and deep learning technology, the current-day AI voiceover generators can help you create realistic voices in seconds that are almost indifferent.

Creating voiceovers with an AI voice generator is hassle-free and cost-effective. Imagine hiring a voiceover artist, spending $100s in paying their fees, hiring a studio, or getting that expensive equipment and realizing later that the accent didn’t come out right or the pronunciation of certain words is incorrect, or there are few updates. You need to add those in the voiceover. Instead, you can just create a realistic voiceover using an AI voiceover generator and speed up your project within budget.

Like any new tool, creating those pitch-perfect and professional-sounding voiceovers takes a little practice. Here are some pro tips for creating lifelike voiceovers using an AI voiceover generator,

1. Pick The Suitable AI Voiceover Generator

To start your journey towards creating a professional-sounding voiceover with an AI voiceover generator, begin with choosing a suitable AI voiceover generator. A tool that can be a one-stop solution to all your voiceover needs.

  • Check if they have multiple suitable voices in your preferred language. Do they have premium or high-quality voice support?
  • Do they have a full suite of voiceover editing features like adding pauses, emphasis, tone, pronunciation, etc.?
  • How do they charge – by word, characters, or minutes? Do they offer free previewing so that you are not charged for drafts?
  • Do they offer quick support, especially in the lower-priced plans? Do they have chat support?

With Listen2It, you can generate AI voices in 145+ languages and dialects in more than 900 voices. These voices are further customizable in the form of style (change the style of the voices like create a cheerful, sad, angry, etc. voice), custom pronunciation options, adding pauses, emphasis, and much more.

2. Structure Your Script

Creating a script, not only writing down the structure and flow of the voice-over and actually writing the dialogues for the voiceover, is important before using an AI voice generator’s editor. This will make creating voiceovers using AI voice generators much easier. While creating a script for AI voiceover, follow these tips,

  • Divide the script into chapters and further into blocks.
  • Be grammatically correct, and don’t forget to add question marks, full stops, and other forms of punctuation.
  • Use simpler words, a good trick is to use the 5th-grade level of language.

3. Use Shorter Simple Sentences

While generating realistic voiceover using AI voices, use shorter and simpler sentences in the script. Longer sentences can make the voiceover monotone and add to the work of adding pauses and changing the pitch on the AI voiceover generator editor. Hence, shorter sentences can cut down this work.

4. Pick The Befitting Voice

Choose wisely the accent and the voice that suits your brand. Try to pick a voice that matches the content. For example, if you create a voiceover for a young-adult product, a cheery and higher-pitched voice might match better than a deep baritone. Experiment a bit with voices, one of the best things while using an AI voiceover generator is that you can change the voice of the voiceover anytime you want.

5. Adjust The Voice For Speaking Speed

Most full-suite voiceover generators allow making adjustments to the voice. Adjust the speed of the voiceover to get the right balance between length and comprehension. Too fast, your listeners won’t understand anything or too slow, and they will lose interest. Also, adjust for the type of audio you are creating. For example, audio ads can have a fast speaking speed, but e-learning should be slower. Many AI voices now also come with styles that add an emotional context to the voiceovers and make them more realistic.

6. Be Generous With Pauses

Adding pauses can help create a dramatic and realistic effect in the voiceover and is a great way to synchronize with the video or presentation you are creating a voiceover for. Adding pauses is also important to ensure that you give your listeners time to absorb what was said.

7. Get The Pronunciation Right

Custom pronunciation can help you create voiceovers for certain words that you want in different languages or voices. AI voiceovers may lack the context of words at times. For example, ADD can be read as a word or an abbreviation for “attention deficit disorder”. Similarly, names are often spelt and pronounced differently. You can configure the pronunciation of the words easily in a voiceover generator.

8. Use Separate Voices For Dialogues

Depending on your script and project, you can create separate voices for different dialogues and even create an entire chat. Add background music and sound effects, and you will add professional quality to the voiceover.

9. Add Subtitles Wherever Possible

If you are creating voiceovers for videos generating subtitles is a great idea. Subtitles allow the reader to follow the audio more easily. They also allow for viewing in places with too much noise (like a train) or where audio might not be possible, like in a silent library, etc.

10. Always Preview It Before Publishing

We all proofread our articles before publishing or previewing a video before the upload. Likewise, preview the entire audio to get an idea of whether the pitch is correct, do you like the pace of the voiceover, is the voice sounding the way you wanted for the entire voiceover? And don’t forget you can make changes at any point.

Human-like voiceover is now ready!

So no more allocating of huge budget on voiceovers or trying to match hectic schedules or post-production stress. Using AI, voiceover generators can take care of all these problems and give you control of your project.

Try the Listen2It voiceover generator for free and see it yourself.


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