Instagram is one of the top 5 social media platforms where users spend most of their time. Being an influencer, a marketer, a big or a small business, or just an individual scrolling through social media. Knowing the how-to’s of the platform is essential to enjoy it to its fullest. As Google, Facebook, and other online platforms continuously update their algorithm, Instagram is not behind. From stories to reels, pinned posts to IG shops, from how to add audio to Instagram reel to creating an Instagram shop, it is great to be informed as Instagram is a great platform to learn and grow.

Social media has taken over the 21st Century by storm. According to a study conducted, social media users around the globe in 2021 account for 4.26 billion. This means that more than half of the world’s population is on social media. It is the place to be; with 5.31 billion unique mobile users and 4.95 billion internet users, out of which 93% (4.62 billion) are active on social media, it is the land of opportunities.

Instagram has realized the human tendency toward short attention spans. And hence Instagram reels were introduced as mini 90-second or less, videos to communicate with the audience. Through Instagram reels, you can talk about your travel stories, small business, beauty tips, precious memories, and much more.

You can use an AI voice generator like Listen2It and create voiceover/ audios for your Instagram reels.

How to Add audio to Instagram reels

There are multiple ways to add audio to IG reels, and they are,

  • Choosing from the catalog of audio provided by Instagram can range from music to famous dialogues.
  • Recording your voice while filming the reel or record it later
  • Use a text-to-speech tool (AI voice generator) to generate lifelike voiceover for the video you produce for IG reels
  • Or use Instagram’s robotic text-to-speech feature for voiceover.

How to Add audio to Instagram Reels using a text-to-speech tool

Adding audio to Instagram reels can be done in three easy steps.

Step 1: Create the reel video

Step 2: Create a voiceover for the reel video using text to speech tool

Step 3: Integrate the video with the audio

And the Instagram reel with original audio is ready!

Now let’s see how to add audio to Instagram reels using a text to speech tool. Let’s start with creating audio for Instagram reels.

  • Sign Up and Create an account with Listen2It
  • Now Create a New Project with the project title, language, and voice you want.
  • Next, click on ‘Using text editor’ to generate audio.
  • In the editor, enter the dialogues you want to convert text to speech for and add pauses, alter pitch, volume, voice, and much more and preview the audio.
  • Click on Generate Audio, and your audio for Instagram reels is ready.

In your video editor, import the audio file and edit it according to the requirement.

And Instagram Reel with original audio is ready.

Not that you know how to add audio to Instagram reels using a text to speech tool. Learn more about features of text to speech tool on Listen2It.


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