Content teams are constantly looking for ways to engage more and more people with their business. While the traditional content marketing strategies and the new industry tactics go hand in hand, something has emerged recently.

It’s Audio. Yes, the audio is back with a bang!

What Is An Audio Article?

In recent months the term audio article has appeared and become a real asset for the content marketing teams. Just as the term explains itself, audio articles are articles in audio format.

Why Are Audio Articles Important?

In the present time, 62%of the US population consume audio every week, which is nearly 176 million people. There has been a significant increase of 7 million people from the year 2020.

Interacting with audio is much easier for people, and they prefer it over visual content. Unlike video content, people don’t have to look at one screen to consume information. They can efficiently multitask.
And if you think about it, listening and speaking is way more comforting than reading or writing.

Why Do People Prefer Audio Articles?

Consuming audio is a hands-free task and is one of the most powerful ways to engage people. It also offers relief from visual clutter and increases trust, loyalty and convenience.
The prominent reasons people prefer audio are:

    Audio is the most appealing media format that builds trust and connection, striking out the digital video, TV and social media.
    Audio is convenient and allows people to multitask. They can listen to audio articles while travelling, working out, cooking, or simply lying on the couch.

Until now, podcasting was the only way to meet the growing audio demand. Even though many businesses know the importance of podcasting, only a few implement it in their content marketing strategy.

Challenges To Create A Podcast

Creating a podcast is not adapted by many content marketing teams today. It’s a long and expensive process.
First, you need a hire new talent to host the show. Then either you would go for a production studio or end up buying some costly equipment to do it in-house. Furthermore, you will have to find a suitable audio hosting provider. And finally, build the audience.

With the expanding audio consumption, creating podcasts has become so competitive, making it really hard to stand out. And not every business tend to go for such a high expense.

Benefits Of Audio Article

Unlike podcasts, audio articles are not a financially draining process and are easy to adapt. Gaining popularity among publishers, audio articles simply take the existing article and convert it into a playable audio file that plays alongside the written content.
No extra cost!
Creates audio within minutes!

At Listen2It, we have seen audio articles improving audience engagement for businesses by up to 4 times. And we are determined to keep the number high.

Eliminating the traditional way of creating audio, we have built an easy to use tool that automatically converts all your written articles into audio articles and play alongside your written content. Publishers can choose from 75+ languages in 600 lifelike voices and customize the voice style according to them. The audio player is also customizable, allowing content teams to build a player according to their brand style.

To find out more, signup to Listen2It and add audio articles in your content marketing strategy to boost audience engagement.


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