Audio content is any form of material that communicates through listening. It is easier to consume audio content while multitasking than video or written content.

Audio-related content usually includes podcasts, audiobooks, voice assistance for smart speakers, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Siri and Alexa) on the internet.

Audio-related information usually includes podcasts, audiobooks, voice assistance for smart speakers, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Siri and Alexa) on the internet.

A growing number of people are listening to audio content that is increasing its popularity. The audio format, which can range from audio catalogs to podcasts, has become a popular choice these days for big brands.

According to estimates, more than 28.3 million adults in the UK listen to digital audio every week.

The following are some ways audio content can be used:

  • Publishing companies, marketers, writers, musicians, and many others can use audio content for many purposes.
  • With devices such as Amazon Echo, a hands-free speaker that functions as a virtual assistant, brands can create skills to increase interaction with customers. Google Assistant is available for brand integration to answer common product FAQs and to increase interaction with customers.
  • With Listen2It, you can also listen to online articles on web pages that are integrated with audio players, which can play the audio according to your language selection and other languages available as well.
  • Podcasts as an audio-blogging tool can allow businesses to communicate important and relevant information without being overly intrusive.
  • Benefits of Audio Content

    Audio is the Content King: 15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Audio
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    Increased Engagement

    The question of “how can we increase engagement?“ is always on everyone’s mind. The answer is usually content as many different types of content can be used, such as photos, videos, infographics, etc.


    Audio is the Content King: 15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Audio

    When it comes to content, the cost is usually one of the most important factors. Companies, and more specifically marketing departments, often have limited budgets and struggle to create the most engaging content.

    But when it comes to audio content, the cost is relatively cheaper than visual content. To be precise, less than a quarter of video and other content is needed which is a major benefit for companies that won’t break the bank.


    With audio-based content on a website, a company can add character and personality to its brand. It is something that matters to many customers when making a buying decision.

    It allows users to connect and engage with the creator on a personal level when they hear directly from the founder, the CEO, the leadership team, or the founder of the product.

    Easy to Consume

    When your audiences have access to audio content, they can consume it whenever they like, wherever they are without any difficulty. It gives them an added advantage as they can multitask while listening to your content while cooking, at the grocery store, gym, or while driving.


    Audio is the Content King: 15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Audio

    Modern-day society is characterized by a high level of time consciousness. Since time plays an important role in their lives, they would prefer consuming content in the quickest way possible.

    As audio communicates with their demands & meets their needs allowing them to multitask while performing other tasks, this would be certainly advantageous to businesses to adapt to the change & integrate audio into their content strategy.

    Audio Is an On-demand Technology

    It is up to the listener to decide what they want to hear and when. This makes you a competitor for their eyes and ears. Consequently, if they subscribe to your podcast or any other audio content, there is a good chance they will receive the information you provide.

    Unlike Video & Text, Audio Lasts Longer

    When talking about video & text, people tend to skim the information or end up skipping to another section resulting in loss of information. But when it comes to audio, it is like music and stays with people for a longer time.

    New Channel

    When talking about content, there are various types in the modern world. But adding a new channel always provides an added advantage for a business. When it comes to audio, it offers the listener a personal touch that may not be possible with other types of content.

    Audio provides that new channel of consuming information that eventually will create a high chance of turning new prospects into customers.


    Customize your audio as per your brand & audience preferences. You can customize it according to your brand needs, theme, or anything as such that matters the most. For instance, Listen2It allows you to customize your audio content according to your requirements with its simple-to-use tool.

    A user can customize spoken voices, choosing from 75+ languages and over 600 different voice styles. Furthermore, a user can further fine-tune the voice by customizing advanced controls like pitch, speed, style, etc., to create a unique voice for their brand. With a simple one-time integration process, the text content will automatically convert into audio.


    Ideally, this benefit will appeal to IT departments or web developers of a company. Unlike video, audio is downloadable as an MP3 file, making it easy to upload to most websites, such as WordPress.

    In addition, advanced tracking options allow you to see things like how long users listened for, when they paused, etc.


    Audio content is honest and authentic. Voices are directed through casual conversations and always include questions and topics. There is no script, no rehearsing, no overly practicing involved. Audio content is totally genuine.

    Videos are generally focused on the visual component-how people look, what is being shown-and audio (the meaning of the message) is often overshadowed.

    Viewers are distracted by what they are watching and are unable to focus on the purpose. But that is not the case with audio. It delivers content in an honest, unbiased way that allows users to comprehend and process information more quickly.

    Convenient for Users to Engage

    When we talk about text content, users tend to get distracted after a while. They may not read all the texts published by your business & may skip the important part of the content. But with audio, that is not the case.

    Audio sparks an intimacy & a connection with your audience. It is a more convenient way for your audience to engage with your content and facilitates higher return rates.


    Talking about video & other content types, they basically have hardware restrictions, which can be annoying to everyone. But audio is completely free of hardware restrictions as it is fully cloud-based.

    Audio Is a Book

    Yes, you heard that! Audio is like a book as it instigates you to imagine what the next chapter looks to be. Like a good book, audio content leaves details to your imagination. People interpret stories differently in their minds.

    Sensory Experience

    Audio evokes a different sensory experience. For example, if it is a travel-related audiobook, the traveler describes his or her journey, as well as the scenery, culture, history, and many more things for a human mind to imagine.


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