Top Text to Speech Voices
Top Afrikaans Text to Speech Voices in 2021
Choose from multiple AI driven lifelike Afrikaans voices to create audio versions of your text content. Start growing your audience with the power of audio today!
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Voice Styles in Afrikaans
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High quality lifelike voices using advanced artificially intelligent algorithms
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Is engaging or growing your audience a problem you face?

Today your visitors are consuming content across a variety of formats, on a variety of devices and in multiple life situations. Many are actively starting to prefer audio content. In fact, research* suggests that more than 60% listeners now prefer it over reading. What's more, listeners are more likely to retain and engage up to 4X more with your content.

Clearly, just publishing content in Afrikaans language is not enough!

And that's why we built Listen2It. Using us, you can instantly start offering your audience, audio versions of your content in naturally sounding lifelike voices. You can choose from any of the voice styles available below in Afrikaans or choose from 580+ voices styles available in 70+ languages from Amazon Polly, Google Wavenet and Microsoft Azure

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